Kampai Toronto 2016 Tickets are now available!

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Kampai Toronto 2016 Tickets are now available!

Featuring over 150 sakes including 10 fresh local Izumi sakes, fruit-infused sake and sake cocktails from our own brewery in Toronto’s Distillery District, Canada’s biggest sake festival will be bigger than ever this year!

For the 5th consecutive year Kampai will be held next door to us in the Distillery District’s Fermenting Cellar.  This year’s Kampai will be on Friday, June 3.

The ticketing format has changed this year, with various admission and ticket packages custom-suited to attendee desires, including a fantastic Premium Tasting Package.  In addition to sake, the evening will be enhanced by appetizers from many of Toronto’s finest restaurants!

Purchase Kampai Toronto Tickets here:

Stay tuned for more info on our brewery’s plans for Kampai 2016 to be released soon!!

All of us at Izumi look forward to seeing you at KAMPAI!

Beer Lovers Tour Company trip to Iceland

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Our good friends at Beer Lovers Tour Company are taking things international with an epic beer tour of Iceland.  Experience Iceland’s nordic brewery all while chugging back the best of its brews!
Otherwise, the Historic Toronto Beer Tour takes place most Saturday’s and always makes a stop at your very own Ontario Spring Water Sake Company!