Come Join Us at Sake Sundowner in the Distillery District!

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June 6 Thursday 6-9PM     Admission Free!

Izumi, together with our delicious restaurant neighbour Boku and our fellow Sake Institute of Ontario members, is pleased to present the first “Sake Sundowner in the Distillery”, featuring a large variety of sake tastings, an acoustic J-pop performance by Aki Takahashi of TenTen fame, Yakitori and other seasonal foods from Boku, and Japanese street food by Gushi. This event will also feature the launch of our just-pressed batch of Izumi Gold, made from 100% Yamada Nishiki, the king of sake rice.

Sake Sundowner will continue a tradition of 8 consecutive years of hosting springtime sake events in the Distillery Historic District, previously presented by SIO as Kampai Toronto.

We look forward to seeing you 6-9pm on Thursday June 6!

Come Join the Izumi team at the SIO Winter Sake Warm-up Feb 4 at Pai!

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This year’s Sake Institute of Ontario Winter Warm-up is taking place at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen at 18 Duncan Street, 6:30 to 8:30 this Monday, February 4, 2019.


The Izumi team will be there, pouring our warm Namacho Sake, hot Sake Apple Cider and our signature NamaNama cold sake.  Lots of delicious food pairings and many other lovely sakes will be available for you to taste!

Tickets are available online at:

Hope to see you there!!!

Something special for Christmas Market and this winter

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The Toronto Christmas Market is open at the distillery district Tuesday through Sunday from November 16 through to Saturday, December 23, 2017. For this special event, we have something special.


  • Extended operation hours

Mon 12pm-6pm (Christmas Market is closed)

Tue 12pm-9pm

Wed 12pm-9pm

Thu 12pm-9pm

Fri 12pm-10pm

Sat 11am-10pm

Sun 12pm-9pm


  • Winter special sake and cocktail (Available until mid March)
Hot Sake Apple Cider Warm Blend


  • Sake Hut is open

At Sake Hut, we serve;

-Japanese Curry from Nakamori Japanese Restaurant from Tuesday to Sunday.

-Hot Draft Sake to go (From Friday 5pm to Sunday 8:45pm)

-Hot Sake Apple Cider to go (From Friday 5pm to Sunday 8:45pm)


See you at our brewery.



Arabashiri #125 and #126 are here!

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If you are looking for something unique, Arabashiri is always the one! Without pressure when we press, makes sake such a aromatic and smooth.

Arabashiri Batch #125: Grape Skin, Full body. Pressed on October 5th 19.0% Alc.

Arabashiri Batch #126: Salted caramel, dry. Pressed on October 8th 19.2% Alc.

50 bottles each available at our brewery. Come and get it before it’s gone especially if you are a dry sake fan!


Patio and Cabbage Town Festival

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Our patio opens until the end of September every weekend and our favourite Jerk-chicken Karaage and Curry from Nakamori Japanese Restaurant are back.

We are also serving freshest Draft Sake and Yuzu+Lime Collins at our patio.



We are also serving our signature Nama-Nama and Yuzu+Lime Collins at Cabbage Town Festival with Kingyo on September 9-10th. Please come and stop by!




This weekend’s Sake Hut July 15-16th

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If you like fried chicken but haven’t tried Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) yet, come to our Sake Hut in our patio this weekend and try out paring fresh unpasteurized sake with delicious Karaage from;

Gushi’s Karaage

Saturday July 15th

Sake Hut open from 12-7pm


Kingyo‘s Karaage

Sunday July 16th

Sake Hut open from 12-6pm



Karaage Weekend at Sake Hut

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Sushi is not the only food goes well with sake. Deep fried foods like Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) also go really well, especially with unpasteurized fresh IZUMI sake.

This weekend at Sake Hut (in front of our brewery) each day, different restaurants are serving different Karaage. Please come and have a bite, pair with our fresh unpasteurized sake and find your favourite paring. Brewery and Sake Hut will open from 12AM to 7PM.


Saturday July 1st: Gushi

Gushi Chicken on rice $5
Takoyaki on rice $5
Sunday July 2nd: Kingyo
Regular Karaage $6 Ponzu Karaage $8 Spicy Karaage $8
Oyster (3pcs) $10 Sake Kasu Ice $2 Homemade Ginger Ale $5
Monday July 3nd: Nakamori
Jerk Chicken Karaage $5

Canada’s biggest sake festival, Kampai is coming back!

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Canada’s biggest sake festival, Kampai is coming back on June 1st right next to our brewery.

The event will showcase an exciting range of over 150 Sakes from more than 50 Sake breweries. Kampai will feature culinary dishes from Japan and beyond by Toronto’s top chefs and restaurants. A special outdoor market will be introduced this year along the historic Gristmill Lane, adjacent to the festival venue. The market will be complete with music, culture, and crafts focused around Japan’s exciting sake culture.

You can get a ticket here.

Our beautiful new sake cocktail Sake Collins will be revealed at Kampai event, please stop by our booth at the event to try out!

What is Nama Sake or ‘unpasteurized’ Sake?

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Nama (生) literally means raw or fresh, as a Sake term it refers to ‘unpasteurized’. Most of the Sake we consume nowadays is been pasteurized twice in the brewing process.  Sake breweries pasteurize Sake, in order to kill off the bacteria that may be there, and also, pasteurization will kill enzymes that will speed up the aging of Sake; it is in general a process of stabilizing Sake. Namazake (unpasteurized Sake) is pasteurized only once or even none, it is normally have brighter, fruitier and fresher taste, but just remember Sake without pasteurization can change its flavor and aroma quite easily if it’s kept in room temperature, the best place to store your Namazake is in the fridge.

Nama Nama

Unpasteurized Sake is usually best to be consumed young, keep it in the fridge the whole time, it can last up to 6 months if unopened and for 1 week after opened.


List of unpasteurized Sake we produce:

Nama Nama: Signature Unpasteurized Sake, soft citrus fruity aroma on the nose, honeydew melon, yellow pear and mild rice pudding characters throughout the palate, bright acidity and a pleasant refreshing finish


Genshu: Delicate fruity nose, on the palate rich creamy texture and complex fruit and earthy flavors, good balance of acidity with a long lingering finish.


Teion Sakura

Arabashiri (First Run Sake)

Arabashiri Sake Batch 112 and 113 is available for tasting at the brewery

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Arabashiri is the first run sake that comes through the pressuring machine with little pressure. It is normally slightly cloudy and has more robust taste, and yet giving fresh, fragrant aromas and flavors.   At Izumi, our small batch brewing process only allowing us to collect 25 to 30 liters of first run sake every batch (70-80 bottles) and we are releasing 2 to 3 single batch Arabashiri sake every 2 months.



Currently Batch 109,110 and 112 are available for tasting and purchasing at the retail store, batch 113 is also available for taste, currently not listed please ask our sales consultant behind the bar for batch113.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Izumi Sake

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Izumi Sake

Chinese NY

Chinese New Year is a celebration for a coming new year and also a time for families to be together. Food and beverage always play a significant role in the whole 16 days celebration. At Izumi we make delicious Sake to pair well with varieties of Chinese dishes, we invite you to celebrate Chinese New Year with Izumi Sake!

-Fresh, fruity slightly aromatic sake, such as our signature sake Namanama, is delicious with delicate seafood dishes such as steamed fish or steamed dumplings.

-Red or gamier meat-based dishes like braised beef or BBQ duck can handle fuller bodied and creamier sake; our Genshu is the perfect sake to pair with meat based heavier dishes.

-Rice based dessert Tangyuan (represent family togetherness) or Niangao also plays an important role in the Chinese New Year’s dinner as well, when choosing a sake to pair with rice and beans based Asian desserts, a fruity, slightly sweet sake with bright acidity like our Teion Sakura will not only compliment the flavour of the creamy sweet tastes but will also refresh your palate.


Customized Chinese New Year Sake gift basket is available at the brewery; please click here for a full list of Izumi Sake; to order your own Customized Chinese New Year Sake gift basket please feel free to place a telephone order at 416-365-7253 or Email us at

Some Like it…Warm!

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Some Like it…Warm! A great Sake event was held on Saturday Jan21st at Kingyo restaurant.

Some Sakes are best enjoyed warm, as heat brings out their bold flavor and mutes any bitterness that may be present. Some Like it…Warm! Is a Sake event showcased some of the best local and international sakes best enjoyed warm at winter time.


Thanks to award-winning restaurant Kingyo, people also had the chance to sampling top izakaya tapas, the tapa menu include Tuna, ebi & avocado carpaccio, umaki (tamago with unagi), chicken kara age, grilled mackerel, lotus root kinpira, braised daikon & fried tofu kushi skewers, aburi scallop carpaccio, hamachi carpaccio, salmon battera sushi & toro battera sushi.

Some Like it warm 201703

Izumi Sake was a big win at the event, our Namacho a medium bodied Junmai sake has pleasant vanilla, melon characters and citrus finish taste delicate and delicious when serve it warm.  Our winter time only Sake apple cider also received a lot of attention, it is made with fresh Izumi sake, local apple cider, yuzu juice, ginger and maple syrup, great winter beverage to warm people up. Not only warm sake, we have also show cased our chilled sake at the event – Gens
Some Like it warm 201702

hu, an unpasteurized and undiluted sake.

So, whether you are a Sake lover or just want to know more about Sake or maybe just interested in interesting local events, Sake Institute of Ontario has more events coming up, check out their website at to find out more information.

Some Like it warm 201704Some Like it warm 201705Some Like it warm 201701

It’s not too late to order your holiday sake gift sets

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Holiday greetings to all sake lovers from Ontario Spring Water Sake Co., we are still accepting orders for holiday sake gift sets, please see our beautiful sake gift samples below, to order your gift sets from IZUMI please call (416) 365-7253 or Email

Izumi signature sake gift set

Izumi Signature Sake Gift Set

gift warm sake takkyubin

Happy Holiday Warm Sake Gift Set

Cocktail gift set

Izumi Sake Cocktail Gift Set

-All gift sets available in store pick up only-



Kampai Toronto Is this Friday – Taste 1st ever Izumi Gold Junmai Ginjo! Kampai after-party featuring Abokichi!

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All systems are GO for Kampai Toronto, Canada’s largest sake festival, this Friday June 3!

IZUMI GOLD, our first Junmai Ginjo sake made with the legendary sake rice Yamada Nishiki, will be available for tasting, along with our 5 award-winners from Toronto International Sake Challenge and delicious sake cocktails. Be sure to drop by our tables at Kampai!

Kampai guests (and those who just want to feel the Kampai vibe!) can visit our brewery before, during or after Kampai. We will be open from noon to late! Taste at leisure and purchase bottles of sake and beautiful sakeware to help you enjoy sake in the comfort of your home! Yaki-onigiri and home-made slaw from Abokichi are on the menu, please do drop by for a nightcap!


Kampai Toronto 2016 Tickets are now available!

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Kampai Toronto 2016 Tickets are now available!

Featuring over 150 sakes including 10 fresh local Izumi sakes, fruit-infused sake and sake cocktails from our own brewery in Toronto’s Distillery District, Canada’s biggest sake festival will be bigger than ever this year!

For the 5th consecutive year Kampai will be held next door to us in the Distillery District’s Fermenting Cellar.  This year’s Kampai will be on Friday, June 3.

The ticketing format has changed this year, with various admission and ticket packages custom-suited to attendee desires, including a fantastic Premium Tasting Package.  In addition to sake, the evening will be enhanced by appetizers from many of Toronto’s finest restaurants!

Purchase Kampai Toronto Tickets here:

Stay tuned for more info on our brewery’s plans for Kampai 2016 to be released soon!!

All of us at Izumi look forward to seeing you at KAMPAI!

Happy New Year!

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Thank you for sipping by and supporting our locally brewed  Izumi sake from Distillery District in Toronto.

We will be closing on the January 1st but open from the 2nd and tasting tour will be back on that weekend. The 2016’s first sake will come out around the middle of January. Stay tuned for upcoming sake news!

Happy new year!



new year greeting 2016


Seasonal SAKE and SAKE COCKTAIL Gift Sets!

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Our seasonal sake is available for tasting during this Holiday season! Come enjoy our warm winter drinks while you stroll around the Toronto Christmas Market (until this weekend!). These delicious warm treats are available at our brewery retail store or tasting bar only for the Holiday season!

Warm Winter Blend Sake

Warm Winter Blend 15Chase the chill away during the cold season with our Warm Winter Blend sake. Our warm semi-pasteurized sake, made from Muskoka spring water, is dry with sweet finish (16% Alc/Vol)




Sake Apple Cider

Sake Apple Cider

Our Sake Apple Cider is back for the Holidays and bottles are available this year. This drink blends fresh ginger, maple syrup, yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) and apple flavours to make a savoury warm sake (8.5% Alc/Vol)





Sake Sangria

Sake Sangria

Our popular Sake Sangria is back for the Holiday season! This drink, boasting lime, cucumber, and shiso (Japanese basil) flavours is served cold. Limited bottles available! (9% Alc/Vol)






Gift sets


Cocktail set 3 bottles ($36.99)

Cocktail gift set

Pair beautiful red, green and gold sake with our Sake Cocktail Gift Setwhich comes with three 375 mL bottles: 

– the red Sakepolitan (7%Alc/Vol) blends Muskoka cranberry, lime, yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), 

– the green Sake Sangria combines cucumber, lime and shies (Japanese basil), and 

– the gold Sake Apple Cider offers a fusion of apples, maple syrup, ginger and yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit). 



Tokkuri and Choko set ($18-$39)

Tokkuri and Choko set

 You can pour sake in the Tokkuri (Ceramic carafe) boil hot water in the pod. put in there, 2-3min to be ready as warm sake. We serve as 40-45 degrees is good for our sake. Of course you can use to serve chilled sake or even just as a decoration.

Flight Sake set  ($40.95)

Flight gift set

Gift set of Toronto’s Award-winning unpasteurized sake! coming with Nama-Nama, Teion Sakura and Genshu (300mL ea.).
Perfect gift for your friend or family having a nice dinner at home.
For instance, Pair Teion Sakura with appetizer, Nama-Nama with fish or veggies, Genshu with main dish (which uses thicker sauce, meat or fish as well).

Winner of our #pairshareizumi contest!

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#pairshareizumi winner
 We are delighted to announce that the winner of our #pairshareizumi contest is Hendra Hendrawan. Hendra posted a lovely photo of Izumi Arabashiri purchased from our brewery store paired with ramem at home. Congratulations Hendra, you win a case of 12 bottles of Izumi NamaNama, our signature unpasteurized sake! We believe this shows that Premium Izumi sake can make any home meal into a special event!
Many thanks to all of you, both individuals and restaurants, for making our first Social Media contest a great success with so much action on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  Stay tuned for our next contest!
1st #pairshareizumi winner
 Hendra says, “Sake is actually very versatile, you don’t always have to pair with sushi you can pair with your own food or any other cooking. You can be adventurous with Sake.”

Izumi Sake Takes 5 Awards at Toronto International Sake Challenge!

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On October 1 the award winners of the 2nd annual Toronto International Sake Challenge were announced.  The competition included over 100 sakes, mostly from Japan, and was judged by an esteemed 10-member panel.  Within this highly competitive environment our brewery is very proud to have received 5 awards as follows:

Izumi Namacho*     SILVER

Izumi Genshu*     SILVER

Izumi Arabashi*     SILVER

Izumi Nikka Dry*     SILVER

Izumi NamaNama     FINALIST


Please drop by our brewery to taste these award-winning brews!!!

(Items marked * also available at the LCBO – please check for availablity)

October 1 is International Sake Day!!

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Come help us celebrate International Sake Day on Thursday October 1.  We are pressing our brand new Brew #77, so come try the freshest sake in North America!  To help you celebrate, all of our sake by the glass will be 30% off regular price!!!

Later in the evening check out the Sake Institute of Ontario’s Sake Day celebration at Peter Pan on Queen West – check out for more details.

Have a great Nihonshu no Hi = International Sake Day!!!



The Distillery District is the place to be during the Pan Am Games!

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The Distillery Historic District is the very centre of the action during the Pan Am Games.   Featuring numerous live performances via CIBC Panamania and many more events and exhibits there is no better place to enjoy the Games.  Full details available at

While down at the District, please do drop by our brewery, store and tasting bar to enjoy our latest pressings of fresh handcrafted local sake!  We have just pressed several new delicious batches, available by the glass or bottle.  Try also our sake cocktails, sake kasu ice creams (made from rice lees produced during sake production) and other snack items, featuring Gushi Japanese Street Food, periodically during the Games.

Go Canada Go!!!

Come join us pre-Kampai Toronto and afterwards for sake and Japanese street food with Gushi this Thursday!

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Warm up for Kampai Toronto this Thursday learning how sake is made and trying the freshest sake in Toronto by visiting our brewery, which is adjacent to all of the festivities!  We are open at 12 noon and will stay open until late.

After  Kampai, our patio and tasting bar will be the place to unwind.  Gushi Toronto will be serving up their famous Japanese street food – chicken karaage skewers, fried octopus “takoyaki” balls and seasoned fresh-cut potato fries – absolutely delicious with sake and just what the doctor ordered to bring you back to earth after the festival.

See you this Thursday!!

Gushi Japanese Street Food is coming to Izumi!

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Any plans for Victoria Day?
Come enjoy Sake & Japanese Street food at Izumi!

This Saturday on May 16th, “Gushi” is coming to

our brewery and serving Japanese style street food from 12-7pm.

Don’t miss this opportunity for great food and Sake on our patio!

We also have Nigori and freshly pressed Arabashiri #68 & Shiboritate #69 to enjoy!




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Ontario Spring Water Sake Co. is proud to be participating once again in Kampai Toronto, the largest sake festival in Canada. The 4th edition of Kampai will be held on Thursday, May 28th, at The Distillery’s Fermenting Cellar event space directly adjacent to our brewery. This fantastic Festival will be hosting our brewery, along with dozens of breweries from across Japan and the U.S.: in total over 140+ sakes will be poured with many brewery representatives & sake ambassadors present. Look for Izumi’s freshest brews, meet our Head Brewer, and enjoy all the sakes alongside excellent appetizers courtesy of 12 top Japanese & international restaurants.
Full details of Kampai Toronto can be found at ( . Early-Bird & VIP tickets are now available for purchase directly on the site.

Kampai, and we look forwarding to seeing you in May!


Winter Sake event hosted by SIO

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Hope you all had a lovely holiday. Thank you everyone who came down to the Distillery District and to our brewery during the Toronto Christmas Market.

The SIO (Sake Institute of Ontario) is kicking off the New Year with their ‘A History of Sake’ tasting event on Feb. 4th, and we will be pouring some of our newest batches there.

Here are the full details:

Hope you can join us for a wonderful sake evening!


Just a reminder – Customer Appreciation Day is Wednesday October 15!

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Please drop by between 6:30pm and 10:00pm for free samples of our 3 newest brews just pressed within the last 2 weeks as well as complimentary hors d’oeuvres.  Our full range of sakes will of course be available by the glass and/or bottle.

Come meet the whole Izumi team including Head Brewer Greg Newton, and enjoy a relaxing time with the freshest sake this side of Mt. Fuji!

Customer appreciation event 10/15

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Dear Supporters of Ontario Spring Water Sake Company,

Hope you managed to enjoy some sake this week in honour of National Sake Day! Now one more great sake announcement from us to round out the week…

Almost three & a half years ago, our Distillery brewery began producing and delivering “Izumi” Sake to the Ontario market -we thank you so much for your continuous support of our locally-brewed, Nama-style sake! Our three newest tanks – #59, #60 & #61 – have just been pressed and to celebrate, we will be hosting an “Open House-style Customer Appreciation Night” at our brewery on October 15th.

There will be complimentary hor d’oeuvres + samples of our 3 newest batches.

Space is limited so please call 416-365-SAKE(7253) or email us at ( to reserve your spot.

Kampai & hope to see you!


Today is International Sake day 2014!

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Our thanks to those of you who came to the Sake Day Toronto at Shibui Robata Bar.
We had a fantastic time and hope you all enjoyed it as well.

Today, October 1st, is the actual Sake Day!! We are celebrating this special day with a 30% discount on all Sake by the glass, including our new Arabashiri #59< we just pressed last week.

Hope you can make it! But if you can’t, we hope you get to enjoy a glass at somewhere else!!!



Sake day – Nihonshu no Hi

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October 1st is Sake day! ‘Nihonshu no Hi’ is an annual holiday that kicks off the new brewing season in Japan & a fantastic day around the world to celebrate & enjoy sake! Come celebrate Sake Day with Izumi…

…on Monday September 29th, as the Sake Institute of Ontario hosts its 3rd Annual Sake Day Event at the newly-opened Shibui Robata Bar in the Entertainment District! This event will be celebrating Sake Regionality & we will be there pouring & promoting our wonderful Ontario-made sakes with all the celebrants. Appetizer-style sushi & signature charcoal-grill dishes to accompany. Advance Purchase tickets are $40 for all food + drinks & are available here:

… and on Wed, Oct 1st (the actual Sake Day Holiday), join us at our Distillery brewery for 30% off all sake by-the-glass including all of our fresh local sakes and delicious Sakepolitan cocktails all day long!


Join us before, during and after Kampai Toronto sake festival this Thursday!

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The Kampai Toronto 2014 sake festival is this Thursday, happening right beside our brewery!  We will be open from 12 noon until late in the evening on May 29, so please do pay us a visit.

For those who wish to arrive at the Distillery District prior to the 6:30 Kampai start, we will be doing a Tasting Tour at 5pm ($15+HST including guided tasting of 4 of our fresh local sakes), or customers can just have a casual look around the brewery and stop at the tasting bar..

During Kampai take a break from the action and check out the brewery – we have a door leading to the brewery directly adjacent to our display tables on the Kampai floor.  At our tables we will have 8 sakes and 1 sake cocktail available for tasting.

After Kampai we will be open late, so you can pick up bottles of sake to take home as well as sake serving ware and other gift items, or just join us for a nightcap!

On the evening after Kampai  (May 30) George Restaurant will be hosting a Sake Dinner featuring our sakes, and our head brewer Greg Newton will be on hand to discuss the sakes being served.  Details at

Enjoy the festival!!   (tickets are still available at

George Restaurant to host a Sake Dinner with Izumi Sake and our Head Brewer as speaker on May 30!

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Mark your calendars for 6:30PM on May 30, 2014 (aka the night after Kampai Toronto Sake Festival) for a special evening at George Restaurant, featuring the sakes of our local brewery as well as those of Japan’s famed Yoshi No Gawa.  Our Head Brewer Greg Newton will be on hand, as well as Yoshi No Gawa’s President Koji Kawakami.

Make your reservations by contacting George at 416-863-6996.  Tickets will be available for $150 per person (plus tax and gratuity).  Full info at

Izumi Nikka Dry Blend now available at the LCBO!!

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Our innovative and delicious Izumi Nikka Dry Blend Junmai Sake, created by blending our own handcrafted local sake with a classic Japanese junmai sake from Hyogo prefecture, home of “Miyamizu”, Japan’s most famous brewing water, is now available at the LCBO!  The resulting sake has both the fruitiness of sake produced from soft Muskoka water with the firm, dry structure of a Japanese classic.   Retailing at $9.95 for a 300ml bottle, this is a great buy which is now becoming very popular in some of Toronto’s very best Japanese restaurants.

For an up-to-date list of LCBO store inventory please click on the following link:

Kampai Toronto 2014 will take place May 29 adjacent to our Distillery District Brewery

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Sake Institute of Ontario announces Kampai Toronto 2014!

A very exciting event will take place adjacent to our brewery on May 29, 2014: the third annual Kampai Toronto, which will once again be the largest sake tasting festival ever to be organized in Canada, featuring more than 100 sakes from Japan and North America, including of course our own IZUMI sakes!

Kampai Toronto is being put on by the Sake Institute of Ontario, a non-profit organization of which we are a founding member whose mission is to promote the safe and enjoyable consumption of sake. The event will also feature appetizer-style food from many excellent restaurants. Many breweries will send representatives including toji (master brewers) and/or kuramoto (owners) to pour and discuss their sakes, so it should be a truly memorable event.
This year SIO will hold for the first time the Toronto International Sake Challenge, Canada’s first sake competition.  The winners of the competition will be featured at Kampai, and available to try at one time in the VIP master classes reserved for holders of VIP tickets. VIP tickets including sake master class participation are VERY LIMITED so purchase soon to avoid disappointment.

Our brewery tasting bar and store will run extended hours on May 29 before, during and after the event, so that those who want to combine a visit to Kampai Toronto with a visit to a sake brewery can do so.

Full event details and ticket purchase at:

Announcing our first ever Sake Brewery Dinner on March 4 – The Ultimate Sashimi, Sushi and Sake Night!

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Come join us in the intimate, aromatic ambience of our brewery’s main production area, open to a small group of sake, sushi and sashimi lovers for the very first time!  This special night will feature:
*    A custom 5-course meal prepared by the brilliant Koji Tashiro of JaBistro, featuring such delicacies as wild Atlantic tuna belly, rarely available in Toronto, and lobster sashimi, where the unused portion gets served as a delicious lobster soup as a closing course!  More information on the menu will be available shortly. (given the limited scope of this event we will not be able to accommodate special dietary requests)
*    Various fresh local Izumi sakes will be paired with every course, including ‘Izumi 50’ -the 50th tank of sake we have brewed, which will be pressed within the week preceding this event!
*    Detailed explanations of each food course from JaBistro and of each sake offering from our Head Brewer Greg Newton
*    An overview of our brewing process from within the brewery itself!
*    Welcome sake-based cocktail upon arrival at our sake tasting bar.
All-inclusive cost for this special evening will be $150.00 per person including tax and gratuity.
Seats are very limited – please reserve your spot by calling the brewery at 416-365-7253.   Payment is available via Visa or MasterCard.
We look forward to seeing you at our first Brewery dinner!

Tickets for Sake Institute of Ontario’s Winter Classic January 20 almost Sold Out!

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We are looking forward to pouring a selection of our Izumi sakes at SIO’s Winter Classic event at 99 Sudbury next Monday night.  Those that want to join us but haven’t yet purchased tickets should act fast – purchase tickets at:—pop-up-at-99-sudbury/

The event will feature Japanese-inspired street foods prepared by renowned chef and sake expert Michael Pataran, who will also give a lesson on Sake Tasting.  Sampling of a variety of full-flavoured Junmai, Yamahai and Kimoto sakes is included in the all-in pricing of $35! ($30 if purchased by January 13)

Hope to see you there!!

Small Batch of Sparkling Sake Now Available!

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We have just released our first ever batch of sparkling sake!  It is light nigori-style cloudy sake, with lively fruit and natural effervescence from secondary in-bottle fermentation.  Get it while it lasts, and enjoy the last weekend of the Distillery Christmas Market!  375ml bottle, 16% alc./vol., $19.95 incl tax/deposit

Distillery Christmas Market is now in full swing – come visit Toronto’s own Sake Brewery!

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The Toronto Christmas Market is running now through December 15 in the Distillery District.  During this time we will be offering:

1.    HOT SAKE TRAVELERS – A delicious 100ml cup of our “Warm Winter Blend” is available ‘to-go’ Friday evenings and all day Saturdays and Sundays.  A refreshing and warming alternative to hot chocolate or mulled wine!  Or stay and enjoy a carafe of the hot stuff and venture further into the sake portfolio at our comfortable tasting bar.

2.    GIFT BASKETS – Fresh local bottled sake and/or imported sakeware, beautifully wrapped and ready to surprise your friends and business colleagues with!  Priced for all budgets.

3.    CUSTOM-LABELLED SAKE – We are happy to custom-label Izumi sake bottles to your personal or corporate requirements with a very reasonable 1-case minimum.





Izumi Nigori available at LCBO starting today!

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Our fresh local Nigori Junmai Sake is now available at the LCBO, just in time for the holiday season!  Luscious, creamy and full-bodied, this sake is always a favourite at our brewery tasting counter and frequently sells out.  You can check the LCBO system’s inventory by store at the following link:



Celebrate Sake Day in Toronto October 1 at Japan Foundation and here at the brewery!

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October 1 is Sake Day, celebrated in Japan and the world over!  Come join the fun in Toronto!

The Sake Institute of Ontario will hold its 2nd annual Sake Day celebration and educational event (appropriately themed “Celebrating with Sake” including a sake barrel-breaking ceremony) at Japan Foundation on Bloor Street starting at 6:30PM, with early-bird tickets selling for $25.  For full details and to purchase tickets visit

We will be celebrating Sake Day at our brewery in the Distillery District from 12 noon to 7pm with 30% off all sake by-the-glass including all of  our fresh local sakes and delicious Sakepolitan cocktails all day long!

Hope to see all of you on Sake Day!


This weekend on our patio – Japanese Street Food with CoroCoro Foods!

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CoroCoro Foods will be serving up Yakisoba Dogs and Yakisoba Musubi (Rice balls) this Saturday and Sunday 12 noon – 7pm on our patio at the Distillery District.  Sake by the glass and bottle also available as well as sake-based cocktails!  Brewery Tasting Tours at 1pm and 4pm ($15 per person, includes guided tasting of 4 cups of sake – reservations recommended 416-365-7253).  ArtFest is also happening here this weekend so come on down and enjoy the fun!!

Ki Modern Japanese + Bar to present an intimate dinner with Ken Valvur and Greg Newton from Toronto’s Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

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We are delighted to be invited to an intimate dinner at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar to feature local food creations by their culinary team paired with various Izumi local sakes on July 24!   Ki’s sake sommelier Michael Tremblay will be hosting the event, which starts with cocktails at 6:30PM to be followed by dinner at 7.

Please join us at Ki for what promises to be an evening that is both delicious and fun!

Michael’s invitation, which includes more details on the event as well as ticket purchase information, is as follows:


Hello All,

After a very busy sake-filled Spring, we thought we would keep all of the fun going into the summer! Please find information below on our upcoming sake dinner with the Ontario Spring Water Sake Company – Ontario’s first and only sake brewery. I hope you can all make it!

Ki Modern Japanese + Bar presents an intimate dinner with Ken Valvur and Greg Newton from Toronto’s Ontario Spring Water Sake Company.

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the premium sakes from Ontario’s first and only sake brewery. The brewery’s Izumi brand is crafted using pure and natural spring water from Huntsville into many unique styles. Please join President Ken Valvur and Master Brewer Greg Newton for a special sake dinner at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar. In addition, Michael Tremblay, Ki’s certified Advanced Sake Professional will guide you through an exclusive lineup of sakes from this artisanal brewery, paired with an original five course menu of local seasonal ingredients created by Ki’s chefs.

Wednesday 24 July 2013 Cocktails 6:30PM / Dinner 7PM

$125 (includes gratuity + HST) for tickets or inquiries, please contact Michael Tremblay at 647.998.2100, or

Michael Tremblay

Certified Advanced Sake Professional (ASP)

Sake Education Council (SEC), Tokyo Japan

ki modern Japanese + bar

181 Bay st. Toronto Ontario




p 416 308 5888

c 647 998 2100

f 416 361 0059

t @michaelatkisake

Izumi Genshu Junmai Sake now on shelves in SAQ!

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genshu iwc2Our award-winning undiluted Izumi Genshu Junmai Sake is now on the shelves throughout the province of Quebec within the SAQ system.  Up until now our fresh local sakes have only been consumed in Quebec by those who have brought it back from trips to Ontario or through restaurants that have arranged private orders.

For availability please check the SAQ’s website:

This sake is lusciously full-bodied with ripe pear and melon notes, mildly sweet (SMV of -2) balanced by some fresh acidity and quite strong at ABV of 17.5%.   It is wonderful both as an aperitif and as a pairing with a highlight fresh local dish such as oysters.

Izumi Genshu won a Commended award at last summer’s International Wine Challenge in London, which is the world’s largest wine competition and includes hundreds of sake entrants. We are told that this is the first non-Japanese sake to have won an award at this prestigious competition.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in our fresh local Izumi sakes!

Announcing the line-up of Izumi Sakes at next week’s Kampai Toronto 2013 Sake Festival

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Ontario Spring Water Sake Company will be featuring 9 sake products at Kampai Toronto 2013, which will take place on May 30 in the Fermenting Cellar, Distillery District, adjacent to our brewery.   Kampai tickets can be purchased at for $65 until midnight Thursday May 23, and $75 up to the day of the event, subject to prior sell-out.

Included in our lineup for Kampai are the following items, including a pre-bottled sake cocktail being offered for the first time to the public (inspired by the cocktail we have served by the glass at our tasting bar since our opening in 2011)!  The full line-up is as follows:

Izumi NamaCho Junmai Sake (once-pasteurized big flavour, pear-like fruit essence, off-dry, in LCBO)

Izumi Genshu Junmai Sake (undiluted, 17%abv, deep and long flavour, in LCBO periodically)

Izumi NamaNama Unpasteurized Sake (our Signature unpasteurized sake, bold flavoured balance of residual fruity sugar and fresh acidity)

Izumi Teion Sakura Unpasteurized Sake (a low temperature ferment sake, wine-like with green apple fruit notes, very popular with our restaurant customers)

Izumi Junmai Nigori Sake (cloudy, luscious)

Izumi Arabashiri #36 First-Press Single-Tank Sake (delicate, dry with subtle watermelon notes, 17.9% abv)

Izumi Fukurotsuri #37 Bag-Drip Sake (none-stress drip method sake is soft, smooth with subtle blueberry fruitiness, off-dry)

Izumi Arabashiri  #38 First-Press Single Tank Sake (essences of papaya, honeydew, dry finish, 18.0% abv)

Izumi “Sakepolitan” pre-bottled sake cocktail – a deliciously local, fresh and moderate strength (7% abv) take on the classic which features Muskoka cranberry juice with our own Muskoka water-based sake!

All of these sake items will also be available for sale at our brewery store, located in the Distillery District adjacent to the Fermenting Cellar where Kampai is taking place.  We are open before, during and after Kampai Toronto on May 30 – come check out a real sake brewery to see how sake is made!

We again look forward to seeing friends old and new at Kampai Toronto!


Sake Institute of Ontario announces Kampai Toronto 2013

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A very exciting event will take place adjacent to our brewery on May 30, 2013: the second annual Kampai Toronto, which will once again be the largest sake tasting festival ever to be organized in Canada, featuring more than 100 sakes from Japan and North America, including of course our own IZUMI sakes!

Kampai Toronto is being put on by the Sake Institute of Ontario, a non-profit organization of which we are a founding member whose mission is to promote the safe and enjoyable consumption of sake. The event will also feature appetizer-style food from 12 excellent restaurants. Many breweries will send representatives including toji (master brewers) and/or kuramoto (owners) to pour and discuss their sakes, so it should be a truly memorable event.

Our brewery tasting bar and store will run extended hours on that day before,during and after the event, so that those who want to combine a visit to Kampai Toronto with a visit to a sake brewery can do so.

The Kampai Toronto press release is as follows:

Media Advisory – Sake Institute of Ontario announces 2nd Annual Kampai Toronto Festival of Sake

TORONTO, April 5, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ – The Sake Institute of Ontario proudly announces the 2nd Annual Kampai Toronto, the largest sake festival organized in Canada. This tasting event will take place on Thursday, May 30th at the Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto. Last year’s inaugural Kampai festival attracted over 400 attendees.
Full details of Kampai Toronto & tickets to the Festival are available at
Principal details of Kampai Toronto are as follows:
Event Summary: Participants will have the opportunity to taste more than 100 sakes, sourced from dozens of breweries from Japan, Canada and the U.S. Appetizer-style food will be made available to guests courtesy of a dozen restaurant partners
Event Date: Thursday, May 30th, 2013
Event Hours: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Event Location: Fermenting Cellar Event Space
Distillery District
55 Mill Street
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4
Event Pricing: Online Advance Purchase $65 (until May 23); Full-Price $75
All-inclusive Pricing (Drinks + Food)
Members of the Trade & Press will be invited to a dedicated Trade Portion sponsored by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) from 2-4pm on the Event Date, which will feature a Sake Educational Area, in addition to a Walk-Around Tasting with many sake brewery representatives present.
Further Inquiries can be made via
About the Sake Institute of Ontario (“SIO”) SIO is a not-for-profit trade organization of Ontario-based sake distributors and manufacturers with the principal objective of educating and promoting the responsible consumption and enjoyment of sake.
SOURCE: Sake Institute of Ontario

Batches 31-33 Underway – Please Submit Koji Orders Now for Pick-up Next Weekend

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We have started a new cycle of 3 brews, including of course koji-making.  A number of customers are now ordering fresh koji from us.  If you are interested in trying to cook or make amazake with fresh koji please submit your order right away.  The cost is $3.00 per 100g, with a minimum order of 500g.  Orders must be prepaid, and can be made by phone at 416-365-SAKE (7253).

If you are interested in koji recipes and general information on koji you can find many sources on the internet including:

For those interested in being in the brewery during pressing in order to try just-pressed “Shiboritate” sake, Shikomi Batches 31-33 will be pressed in early February.  Please call us in February for specific dates.

If you are interested in viewing sake batch rice work, next Saturday morning (January 12) at 11am should be a good time.

Hope to see you at the brewery soon!

Learn all about warm sake at SIO’s Winter Sake Warm-up Jan 21 at Japan Foundation!

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This week the Sake Institute of Ontario (a non-profit organization of which we are a founding member dedicated to introducing Ontarians to the wonderful world of sake) announced its next sake education event.  The Winter Sake Warm-up will take place at 6:30pm on January 21, 2013, at The Japan Foundation, conveniently located at 131 Bloor Street West.   The evening will feature a presentation on warm sake by sake educator Michael Pataran followed by sampling of sakes provided by SIO members paired with a variety of appetizer-style foods.  Tickets for the event will cost $25 prior to January 15, and are expected to sell quickly so please visit the following site for information and to buy your tickets!–Winter–Warmup/

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company will be bringing 2 sakes to the event which are delightful to drink warm:

1.  Izumi Warm Winter Blend – A blend of unpasteurized sakes chosen for their mildness and suitability for warming. The resulting flavour is rich while not overpowering when served at 40-45 degrees Celcius, and is characterized by a unique nuttiness which is derived from the flavour of our own koji (the malted and sweet form of rice used in making sake).  This sake is only available during the winter months from our brewery store in the Distillery District.

2.  Izumi Namacho – Our signature once-pasteurized sake.  This sake also opens up beautifully at 40-45 degrees Celcius, however with a more characteristically citrus-fruity flavour rather than the more pronounced nuttiness of Warm Winter Blend.  This sake is widely available throughout the LCBO system – for locations carrying Namacho click on the following link:

Our brewery store carries a wide variety of “tokkuri” carafes and “choko” cups to make your warm sake-drinking experience most enjoyable.

We hope to see you at the event!


Toronto’s Holiday Media-recommended Sake and Largest Sakeware Collection are ready for Last-minute Shoppers

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You may have noticed that our sake has recently been getting a fair bit of holiday media attention as one of The Best Toronto-themed Holiday Gifts for 2012  (, and as one of The Marilyn Dennis Show’s recommended Healthy Holiday Drinks (

Our full selection of 10 sakes including regular and limited items are ready for your tasting and of course purchase for home and gift use at our brewery store in the Distillery District.

Last-minute shoppers will also find some interesting pieces in our Sakeware Collection, which is Toronto’s largest, including choko cups, tokkuri carafes and sets for warm and cold sake enjoyment.

Happy Holidays!