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Pressing Batch#10 Crazy Horse today and Saturday – maybe our best yet!

pressing ontario sake izumi
Our Yurina-san taming the Crazy Horse

Weeks ago our master brewer started calling this batch “ja-ja uma”, or Crazy Horse, for its uncontrollable character.  Those who have been following us batch by batch may have noticed that #10 is actually being pressed prior to Batch #9 – Crazy Horse has been that sort of batch! 

Despite its wild nature, the batch tastes suberb – while keeping with Izumi’s general pattern of fresh acidity balanced by fruity sugar, this one has a specially deep and lingering flavour. 

For this batch we have for the first time put out the elegent “Nakadori”, or middle-pressed sake, into the tasting bar offering together with some super-smooth “Fukuro-tsuri” bag-dripped sake.  After tasting these special by-the-glass offerings we believe you will agree that this Crazy Horse actually got tamed in the end!

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