A unique offering at our brewery is its freshly pressed, unpasteurized and unfiltered sake, a style which is currently not available anywhere in Ontario or the eastern seaboard, making the new brewery in the Distillery a fascinating and delicious experience for sake, Japanese food and fine wine lovers alike.  Other unique items available in the dramatic high stone-walled retail area of the brewery include a variety of sake serving accessories and decorative items imported from Japan.  Many available items are labeled with the “IZUMI” brand (which means “spring water” in Japanese) which is the principal brand name used by the Company for its sake beverages.


Izumi Products.

A partial list of items available at Ontario Spring Water Sake Company is as follows:

Sake varieties:

Japanese Name Description Availability
純米生生 Nama-Nama Our signature unpasteurized sake, fresh, bold and fruity. 300ml and 1.8l bottles and by the glass
生貯 Nama-Cho Smooth and refreshing, once-pasteurized in bottle to maintain freshness through storage at ambient temperature. 300ml and 1.8l bottles and by the glass
原酒生生 Genshu Nama-Nama Undiluted, unpasterized, higher-alcohol and concentrated flavour.  Nice as appertif at room temperature or on-the-rocks. 300ml and 1.8l bottles and by the glass
低温桜 Teion Sakura Special limited edition – a low temperature ferment with high koji-to-rice ratio.  Flavour complexity and acidity reminiscent of fine white wine. Currently available in 300ml and 1.8l bottles and by the glass, only while supply lasts


Also available at the store:

Sake Ceramicware, both IZUMI-branded and otherwise

Sake Glassware, both IZUMI-branded and otherwise

Clothing and Accessories, including branded T-shirts, bottle bags

Sake Kasu, Sake Kasu Dressings (Sesame and Wasabi flavours), Ice Cream (Lemon, Red Bean, Black Sesame), Sake Kasu Soap


Izumi goods