We Now Deliver – Our refrigerated van brings you unpasteurized sake at its peak!

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Ontario Spring Water Sake Company is happy to announce that we are now able to make refrigerated delivery of all of our products to residential customers.  We are offering FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL ORDERS OVER $100 within Toronto. 

Delivery can normally be made 1-3 business days after placing an order, at a time to be agreed with the the customer.  A person 19 years of age or older must personally receive all deliveries. 

We accept orders by telephone at 416-365-SAKE (7253) 7 days per week, 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 12 noon-6pm Sunday.  Customers can pay via VISA or Mastercard at time of order placement. 

Our offerings include the following  (ALL PRICES INCLUDE 13% HST AND BOTTLE DEPOSIT):

 IZUMI “Nama-Nama”(300ml)                              $12.95   (all 300ml bottles available individually and in cases of 12) 

IZUMI “Nama-Nama”(1800ml)                             $64.95  (all 1800ml bottles available individually and in cases of 6)

                Our signature unpasteurized sake.  A balance between fresh acidity and fruity residual sugar.  Keep refrigerated to maintain this sake’s fresh and bold flavours until time of serving.  15% ALC./VOL.

IZUMI “Nama-Cho” (300ml)                                  $12.95

IZUMI “Nama-Cho” (1800ml)                                $64.95

               The same sake as Nama-Nama, however pasteurized in-bottle only (most commercially available sake is pasteurized twice, first via coil post-production, then in bottle pre-shipment), allowing it to maintain its wonderful flavour through storage at room temperature.  15% ALC./VOL.

 IZUMI “Genshu Nama-Nama” (300ml)            $14.95

IZUMI “Genshu Nama-Nama” (1800ml)           $74.95

                Sake at its original tank strength, usually 16-20%.  Excellent served either cool or at room temperature, or even over rocks as an aperitif. 

IZUMI “Teion Sakura” (300ml)                             $14.95         

IZUMI “Teion Sakura” (1800ml)                          $74.95            

                LIMITED SUPPLY REMAINING:  Teion Sakura was specially made at low temperature using a very high koji-to-rice ratio.  The resulting sake has acidity reminiscent of a great white wine and great flavour complexity.

Also Available:

Sake Kasu ($4/250g), Sake Kasu Miso Soup ($5/180 ml-12 bowl equiv), Sake Kasu Dressings (Sesame and Wasabi, $5/284ml bottle)   


Thank you for your interest in Ontario Spring Water Sake Company!

416-365-SAKE (7253) 



IZUMI Namacho now available at the LCBO!

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The LCBO started stocking IZUMI Namacho Junmai Sake (#260174  300ml $12.95) on their shelves a couple of days ago.  Namacho is a once-only pasteurized version of our signature Nama-Nama unpasteurized sake, which retains its fresh flavour while displayed at room temperature (most sake currently available in Ontario is pasteurized twice, in part to survive the long and sometimes-harsh sea journey from Japan).  Namacho is a delightful balance of fresh acidity with fruity sugar, and is wonderful on its own or paired with your favourite fish, meat or cheese dishes.

The first roll-out to LCBO stores is expected to be completed this week, and will include deliveries to the following 33 locations:

Markham – Hwy 7 & Woodbine

Markham – Hwy 7 & McCowan

Mississauga – 5100 Erin Mills Parkway

Mississauga – Meadowvale Town Centre

Mississauga – Dundas & Mavis

Mississauga – Hwy 10 & Eglinton

Mississauga – Mavis & Britannia (Heartland)

Ottawa – Bank & Walkley

Ottawa – Rideau & King Edward

Richmond Hill – Major MacKenzie & Leslie

Richmond Hill – Yonge & Hwy 7

Thornhill – Bathurst & Centre (The Promenade)

Toronto Central -85 Hanna (Liberty Village)

Toronto Central – Brock & Queen

Toronto Central – Dupont & Spadina

Toronto Central – Gerrard & Pape

Toronto Central – Laird & Eglinton

Toronto Central – Queens Quay & Yonge

Toronto Central – Yonge & Eglinton (YE Centre)

Toronto Central – Yonge & Summerhill

Toronto North York – Avenue & Lawrence

Toronto North York – Bayview & Sheppard (Bayview Village)

Toronto North York – Don Mills & Sheppard (Fairview) 

Toronto Central – Lawrence & Don Mills

Toronto North York – Weston & Hwy 401 (Crossroads)

Toronto North York – Wilson & Dufferin

Toronto North York – Yonge & Empress (Empress Walk)

Toronto North York – Yonge & Wedgewood

Toronto Scarborough – Kennedy & Sheppard (Agincourt Mall)

Toronto Scarborough – McCowan & Finch (Woodside Square)

Toronto Scarborough – Steeles & Markham

Toronto Scarborough – Victoria Park & Finch

In most stores Namacho will be displayed in the main section of the store together with other sakes, adjacent to the fortified wines in most store layouts.  Some stores may carry Namacho in the Vintages section.  You can get updated information on availability of Namacho at the LCBO using their excellent website www.lcbo.com, searching either by “Izumi” or “260174”.

Thank you for your interest and support of  Izumi, Ontario’s own local sake!