Happy New Year!

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Thank you for sipping by and supporting our locally brewed  Izumi sake from Distillery District in Toronto.

We will be closing on the January 1st but open from the 2nd and tasting tour will be back on that weekend. The 2016’s first sake will come out around the middle of January. Stay tuned for upcoming sake news!

Happy new year!



new year greeting 2016


Seasonal SAKE and SAKE COCKTAIL Gift Sets!

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Our seasonal sake is available for tasting during this Holiday season! Come enjoy our warm winter drinks while you stroll around the Toronto Christmas Market (until this weekend!). These delicious warm treats are available at our brewery retail store or tasting bar only for the Holiday season!

Warm Winter Blend Sake

Warm Winter Blend 15Chase the chill away during the cold season with our Warm Winter Blend sake. Our warm semi-pasteurized sake, made from Muskoka spring water, is dry with sweet finish (16% Alc/Vol)




Sake Apple Cider

Sake Apple Cider

Our Sake Apple Cider is back for the Holidays and bottles are available this year. This drink blends fresh ginger, maple syrup, yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) and apple flavours to make a savoury warm sake (8.5% Alc/Vol)





Sake Sangria

Sake Sangria

Our popular Sake Sangria is back for the Holiday season! This drink, boasting lime, cucumber, and shiso (Japanese basil) flavours is served cold. Limited bottles available! (9% Alc/Vol)






Gift sets


Cocktail set 3 bottles ($36.99)

Cocktail gift set

Pair beautiful red, green and gold sake with our Sake Cocktail Gift Setwhich comes with three 375 mL bottles: 

– the red Sakepolitan (7%Alc/Vol) blends Muskoka cranberry, lime, yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), 

– the green Sake Sangria combines cucumber, lime and shies (Japanese basil), and 

– the gold Sake Apple Cider offers a fusion of apples, maple syrup, ginger and yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit). 



Tokkuri and Choko set ($18-$39)

Tokkuri and Choko set

 You can pour sake in the Tokkuri (Ceramic carafe) boil hot water in the pod. put in there, 2-3min to be ready as warm sake. We serve as 40-45 degrees is good for our sake. Of course you can use to serve chilled sake or even just as a decoration.

Flight Sake set  ($40.95)

Flight gift set

Gift set of Toronto’s Award-winning unpasteurized sake! coming with Nama-Nama, Teion Sakura and Genshu (300mL ea.).
Perfect gift for your friend or family having a nice dinner at home.
For instance, Pair Teion Sakura with appetizer, Nama-Nama with fish or veggies, Genshu with main dish (which uses thicker sauce, meat or fish as well).

Winner of our #pairshareizumi contest!

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#pairshareizumi winner
 We are delighted to announce that the winner of our #pairshareizumi contest is Hendra Hendrawan. Hendra posted a lovely photo of Izumi Arabashiri purchased from our brewery store paired with ramem at home. Congratulations Hendra, you win a case of 12 bottles of Izumi NamaNama, our signature unpasteurized sake! We believe this shows that Premium Izumi sake can make any home meal into a special event!
Many thanks to all of you, both individuals and restaurants, for making our first Social Media contest a great success with so much action on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  Stay tuned for our next contest!
1st #pairshareizumi winner
 Hendra says, “Sake is actually very versatile, you don’t always have to pair with sushi you can pair with your own food or any other cooking. You can be adventurous with Sake.”