Kampai Toronto Is this Friday – Taste 1st ever Izumi Gold Junmai Ginjo! Kampai after-party featuring Abokichi!

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All systems are GO for Kampai Toronto, Canada’s largest sake festival, this Friday June 3!

IZUMI GOLD, our first Junmai Ginjo sake made with the legendary sake rice Yamada Nishiki, will be available for tasting, along with our 5 award-winners from Toronto International Sake Challenge and delicious sake cocktails. Be sure to drop by our tables at Kampai!

Kampai guests (and those who just want to feel the Kampai vibe!) can visit our brewery before, during or after Kampai. We will be open from noon to late! Taste at leisure and purchase bottles of sake and beautiful sakeware to help you enjoy sake in the comfort of your home! Yaki-onigiri and home-made slaw from Abokichi are on the menu, please do drop by for a nightcap!