COVID-19 Safety Precaution Re: Participating Tours

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Now our tasting tours are back! And There are some changes we made in the interest of health and safety during this time- the following measures will be implemented moving forward:

  • Face coverings/PPE masks, must be worn during the presentation by staff, and guests until the point where the tastings are served. Tour staff will maintain PPE for the entire duration.
  • Tours will be bookable to a maximum of 6 total guests per group, so as to allow for social distancing in the observation hallway overlooking the brewing space.
  • Staff and guests may not enter the production area under any circumstances during the tasting tours.
  • Disposable cups will be used for each of the tasting tour samples, and should be deposited into the trash bin immediately after.
  • As always, contact information for tracing will be required at the bar upon arrival. 

At Izumi, the health and safety of guests and staff is a priority. We greatly appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and patience in these times.

If you have any questions and concerns please feel free to talk to us.

Thank you for your support to our brewery.