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Batch #13 “Fukuro-tsuri” now being “drip” pressed and ready for tasting– see photo!

Today (Nov. 10), we started pressing batch #13, using both the “fune” press and the bag-hanging (“fukuro-tsuri”) method.

Batch #13 is a slightly dry, higher alcohol sake with lots of body and flavour. We are now serving ‘shiboritate” (just-pressed sake) and “fukuro-tsuri” at the brewery- a rare treat, indeed.

We also have lots of space at tonight’s Sip & Learn event (6-7pm), where we will be tasting and comparing Arabashiri, Shiboritate, and Fukuro-tsuri of batch #13, and Fukuro-tsuri of batch #5. If you are interested in joining us for this unique tasting experience, please come down to the brewery for 6pm (no need to reserve).

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