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Batches 31-33 Underway – Please Submit Koji Orders Now for Pick-up Next Weekend

We have started a new cycle of 3 brews, including of course koji-making.  A number of customers are now ordering fresh koji from us.  If you are interested in trying to cook or make amazake with fresh koji please submit your order right away.  The cost is $3.00 per 100g, with a minimum order of 500g.  Orders must be prepaid, and can be made by phone at 416-365-SAKE (7253).

If you are interested in koji recipes and general information on koji you can find many sources on the internet including:

For those interested in being in the brewery during pressing in order to try just-pressed “Shiboritate” sake, Shikomi Batches 31-33 will be pressed in early February.  Please call us in February for specific dates.

If you are interested in viewing sake batch rice work, next Saturday morning (January 12) at 11am should be a good time.

Hope to see you at the brewery soon!