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Brews 11-13 now underway – Tomorrow through next Sunday (Oct 16) will be the best days to view batch production

     Now that our master brewer Takahashi-sensei has returned from vacation in Japan we are back in full production mode.  During the current production cycle we are preparing Brews 11 through 13. 

     The first and most intensive phase of production includes preparation of the 3-stage additions of rice and koji for each brew.  If you are interested in watching sake being made, the best days to come down to the brewery are this Sunday (i.e. tomorrow) thru next Sunday.  Please come early to catch the most action!

     While here why not taste some of the 9 sakes we currently have on offer, from our signature unpasteurized Nama-Nama to one of our special editions, including 3 free-run “Arabashiri” sakes.  If the day you visit us is cold, we can heat you from the inside with some of our special Warm October Blend.

     Hope to see you soon!

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