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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Izumi Sake

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Izumi Sake

Chinese NY

Chinese New Year is a celebration for a coming new year and also a time for families to be together. Food and beverage always play a significant role in the whole 16 days celebration. At Izumi we make delicious Sake to pair well with varieties of Chinese dishes, we invite you to celebrate Chinese New Year with Izumi Sake!

-Fresh, fruity slightly aromatic sake, such as our signature sake Namanama, is delicious with delicate seafood dishes such as steamed fish or steamed dumplings.

-Red or gamier meat-based dishes like braised beef or BBQ duck can handle fuller bodied and creamier sake; our Genshu is the perfect sake to pair with meat based heavier dishes.

-Rice based dessert Tangyuan (represent family togetherness) or Niangao also plays an important role in the Chinese New Year’s dinner as well, when choosing a sake to pair with rice and beans based Asian desserts, a fruity, slightly sweet sake with bright acidity like our Teion Sakura will not only compliment the flavour of the creamy sweet tastes but will also refresh your palate.


Customized Chinese New Year Sake gift basket is available at the brewery; please click here for a full list of Izumi Sake; to order your own Customized Chinese New Year Sake gift basket please feel free to place a telephone order at 416-365-7253 or Email us at