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Dry, strong, clean and fresh-pressed – Brew #19 pressing now!

What has turned out to be our driest, strongest, sake so far – Brew#19 – is now being pressed.  The first-run arabashiri is indeed characterized by the initially gentle, fruity undertones belying its 19 (a numerical coincidence!) percent alc./vol. strength, and medium dry, clear,  finish whose fruitiness is more subtle than most of our brews to date.  This sake’s body is still developing, and we will mature it in-tank prior to bottling a special edition dry sake that we are sure will appeal to many of our customers who enjoy dry sake but have never tried it in an unpasteurized, fresh, state. 

For those who can’t wait for the regular bottled version we are pouring the just-pressed arabashiri now at the tasting bar, and will have bottled #19 Arabashiri soon as well.



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