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Izumi Genshu Junmai Sake now on shelves in SAQ!

genshu iwc2Our award-winning undiluted Izumi Genshu Junmai Sake is now on the shelves throughout the province of Quebec within the SAQ system.  Up until now our fresh local sakes have only been consumed in Quebec by those who have brought it back from trips to Ontario or through restaurants that have arranged private orders.

For availability please check the SAQ’s website:

This sake is lusciously full-bodied with ripe pear and melon notes, mildly sweet (SMV of -2) balanced by some fresh acidity and quite strong at ABV of 17.5%.   It is wonderful both as an aperitif and as a pairing with a highlight fresh local dish such as oysters.

Izumi Genshu won a Commended award at last summer’s International Wine Challenge in London, which is the world’s largest wine competition and includes hundreds of sake entrants. We are told that this is the first non-Japanese sake to have won an award at this prestigious competition.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in our fresh local Izumi sakes!