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Karaage Weekend at Sake Hut

Sushi is not the only food goes well with sake. Deep fried foods like Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) also go really well, especially with unpasteurized fresh IZUMI sake.

This weekend at Sake Hut (in front of our brewery) each day, different restaurants are serving different Karaage. Please come and have a bite, pair with our fresh unpasteurized sake and find your favourite paring. Brewery and Sake Hut will open from 12AM to 7PM.


Saturday July 1st: Gushi

Gushi Chicken on rice $5
Takoyaki on rice $5
Sunday July 2nd: Kingyo
Regular Karaage $6 Ponzu Karaage $8 Spicy Karaage $8
Oyster (3pcs) $10 Sake Kasu Ice $2 Homemade Ginger Ale $5
Monday July 3nd: Nakamori
Jerk Chicken Karaage $5