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Newsflash: fresh Koji and Shiokoji available in limited supply this Sunday Sept 23!

Many of our customers have asked about the possibility of buying freshly made KOJI and/or SHIOKOJI from the brewery.  As an experiment, we will be making extra koji during this weekend’s sake koji production run to be ready for this Sunday, September 23.

Koji will be available for pick up this Sunday only (we have no means to store it) at a cost of $3 per 100g, to be paid by credit card at time of ordering.  Koji is useful for a number of things including sake home-brewing, making homemade AMAZAKE (naturally sweet non-alcoholic sake, usually served warm) and making SHIOKOJI.

We will also make some of our own SHIOKOJI, which will be available at our brewery store starting at around 3pm on Sunday September 23 at a cost of $7 per 175-g tub while supplies last.  Shiokoji is useful as a flavour enhancer, a meat tenderizer and quick pickling agent for vegetables.  Shiokoji purchased at the brewery will need to be kept at room temperature for a period of time as per instructions to be provided, but will then be stable for use over a period of several months.

Those wishing to order KOJI or SHIKOJI can call us at  416-365-SAKE (7253) or email us at

Thank you very much & hope to see you Sunday!




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