A unique offering at our brewery is its freshly pressed, unpasteurized and unfiltered sake, a style which is currently not available anywhere in Ontario or the eastern seaboard, making the new brewery in the Distillery a fascinating and delicious experience for sake, Japanese food and fine wine lovers alike.  Other unique items available in the dramatic high stone-walled retail area of the brewery include a variety of sake serving accessories and decorative items imported from Japan.  Many available items are labeled with the “IZUMI” brand (which means “spring water” in Japanese) which is the principal brand name used by the Company for its sake beverages.

A partial list of items available at Ontario Spring Water Sake Company is as follows:

Sake varieties:


Junmai / Unpasteurized
15.0% Alc/Vol
Prominent notes of melon and pear balanced with a gentle acidity. Light fruit-forward slightly sweet easy- drinking sake.Buy Online
Teion Sakura

Teion Sakura

Junmai / Unpasteurized Low temperature fermentation
12.5% Alc/Vol
Ripe green apple with nutty koji flavour higher residual sugar is balanced with high acidity. This sake is more characteristic of an off-dry white wine than traditional Japanese sake.Buy Online


Junmai / Unpasteurized
Undiluted 17.5% Alc/Vol
Light and fruity note. Rich and complex good balance of acidity with a long and lingering finish. This sake received a Commendation Award at the International Wine Challenge.Buy Online


Junmai / Unpasteurized
Undiluted 16 – 18% Alc/Vol
Arabashiri means “pressed only by gravity” which is only available in very limited quantities. This single-tank sake is very flavourful, fresh and smooth. Each batch has slightly different flavour.Buy Online


Junmai / Pasteurized 15.5% Alc/VolThe same sake as Nama-Nama, however pasteurized in-bottle once. Hint of citrus fruits with an undertone of chestnut with medium dry strong finish.Buy Online


Junmai / Pasteurized 15.0% Alc/VolKnown as creamy sake made from coarse filtered mash and finished sake. Luscious body sweetness of unfermented koji and a slight sourness.Buy Online


 Junmai-Ginjyo / Unpasteurized
16.0% Alc/Vol
Mellow, delicate creamy texture, moderately rice forward, balanced acidity with a dry finish.Buy Online


Pre-mixed Cocktail 7.0% Alc/Vol

This refreshing sake cocktail is made with unpasteurized sake which can carry flavour of Muskoka cranberry, lime and yuzu juice more than vodka does.

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Also available at the store:

Sake Ceramicware, both IZUMI-branded and otherwise

Sake Glassware, both IZUMI-branded and otherwise

Clothing and Accessories, including branded T-shirts

Sake Kasu, Sake Kasu Dressings , Ice Cream , Sake Kasu Soap

Izumi goods