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Sake Brewing Update: Batches #21, 22, to be pressed by Kampai Toronto, #23 pressing around May 31

With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Kampai Toronto Festival of Sake, which will take place adjacent to our brewery on May 31, we thought it would be good to update our customers on the brewing/pressing cycles leading up to the big day.

Batch #21 is now in day 8 of its brewing cycle and will likely be pressed around May 23-25, while Batch #22 is now in day 4 with a forecasted pressing date of May 27-29. That means that Kampai participants will very likely be able to enjoy at least 2 just-pressed sakes!

While it is difficult to get very precise in these matters, it is possible that Batch #23 will actually be undergoing pressing during Kampai, which would certainly be a fun part of the brewing process for participants to be able to see, and of course to taste! Batch #23 is also somewhat of a historical batch for us, as it marks the first time we have used the aromatic #9 yeast (all of our batches to date have used, and we will continue to use, yeast #7, which was first isolated by our consulting brewery Masumi in 1947). Stay tuned as we update the progress of this newest brew.

During Kampai, our brewery, tasting bar and retail store will be open before, during and after the festival. We will offer a special tasting tour schedule for May 31, adding to our regular 5pm tasting tour on that day.

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