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Some Like it…Warm!

Some Like it…Warm! A great Sake event was held on Saturday Jan21st at Kingyo restaurant.

Some Sakes are best enjoyed warm, as heat brings out their bold flavor and mutes any bitterness that may be present. Some Like it…Warm! Is a Sake event showcased some of the best local and international sakes best enjoyed warm at winter time.


Thanks to award-winning restaurant Kingyo, people also had the chance to sampling top izakaya tapas, the tapa menu include Tuna, ebi & avocado carpaccio, umaki (tamago with unagi), chicken kara age, grilled mackerel, lotus root kinpira, braised daikon & fried tofu kushi skewers, aburi scallop carpaccio, hamachi carpaccio, salmon battera sushi & toro battera sushi.

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Izumi Sake was a big win at the event, our Namacho a medium bodied Junmai sake has pleasant vanilla, melon characters and citrus finish taste delicate and delicious when serve it warm.  Our winter time only Sake apple cider also received a lot of attention, it is made with fresh Izumi sake, local apple cider, yuzu juice, ginger and maple syrup, great winter beverage to warm people up. Not only warm sake, we have also show cased our chilled sake at the event – Gens
Some Like it warm 201702

hu, an unpasteurized and undiluted sake.

So, whether you are a Sake lover or just want to know more about Sake or maybe just interested in interesting local events, Sake Institute of Ontario has more events coming up, check out their website at to find out more information.

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