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Something special for Christmas Market and this winter

The Toronto Christmas Market is open at the distillery district Tuesday through Sunday from November 16 through to Saturday, December 23, 2017. For this special event, we have something special.


  • Extended operation hours

Mon 12pm-6pm (Christmas Market is closed)

Tue 12pm-9pm

Wed 12pm-9pm

Thu 12pm-9pm

Fri 12pm-10pm

Sat 11am-10pm

Sun 12pm-9pm


  • Winter special sake and cocktail (Available until mid March)
Hot Sake Apple Cider Warm Blend


  • Sake Hut is open

At Sake Hut, we serve;

-Japanese Curry from Nakamori Japanese Restaurant from Tuesday to Sunday.

-Hot Draft Sake to go (From Friday 5pm to Sunday 8:45pm)

-Hot Sake Apple Cider to go (From Friday 5pm to Sunday 8:45pm)


See you at our brewery.